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Can you fix a broken marriage ?

Can you fix a broken marriage ???

Will you agree with me if I answer the question can you fix a broken marriage as yes, of course! Certainly most of you would have the experience of a broken marriage or maybe you know the issues of a broken marriage. It’s pretty sure we can fix a broken marriage!! Marriage is actually a union of two people. It may occur due to love, money, reputation as well as many other thousands of reasons. But what would you do if your marriage is broken or have the signs of a broken marriage?

Can you fix a broken marriage

Most probably marriage counseling would be your option to protect your nest. Did you know that over 75% people that got marriage counseling report that they are worse off or divorced less than a year? Then how can you fix a broken marriage?
Focusing on can you fix a broken marriage in the present society most of the marriages are subjected to break up due to;

Main Reasons

Can you fix a broken marriage

1.    Infidelity
2.    Broken trust
3.    Emotional neglect
4.    Money conflicts
5.    Boredom
6.    No sex between the partners
7.    Lack of affectionAnd so on. Among them what is your problem and are you wondering of the question can you fix a broken marriage with the presence of these problems?

I can show you how to do it. Well, a broken marriage is a question of personality and perspective. The most important thing in a marriage or any other relationship is honesty and real understanding. There is no doubt of having a broken marriage if you are not capable to fulfill these things in side your marriage. Be honest yourself and think a bit. Are you 100% honest to your partner? Can you fix a broken marriage without being honest? Neither you nor your husband will be able to be together again without mutual understanding! Most of the marriages long last forever because those partners understand themselves and both of them share there everything without hiding a single matter. Marriage is the most important thing in the world and don’t be a culprit of a broken marriage!

It is not easy to make a living in a marriage because both the partners do not have same desires, same expectations, same mentality, same ideas and same amount of commitment. Partners have to match up their qualities according to both of them. Do not be such silly enough to lead your bond towards a broken marriage as you do not have similar qualities as your partner has. In a marriage we all yearn to have, fidelity is vital. It implies a commitment that is total and complete. On the other hand trust is raptured forever in a marriage. So have you got a certain idea about the matter can you fix a broken marriage?

Marriage is like a pet snake, you better feed it every day or bad things happen

Can you fix a broken marriage

It is better to be aware of your partners’ feelings and emotions. They must be feeling uncomfortable as you are not ready to live by sharing feelings and emotions. I think marriage mostly run over these variables such as love, feelings, emotion and sex. If these things are not properly working it will be a factor to own a broken marriage. Can you fix a broken marriage all alone? It’s hard to overcome the powerful feelings that linger with a broken marriage.  Just think of the marital mess which is costing you. Actually I didn’t mean it in terms of money. Here I’m talking about the emotional pain, the sleepless nights and the tension in your life.

First of all you have to think about the reason which led your marriage broken

Can you fix a broken marriage

It may be not only your fault. Be sure to maintain a healthy communication with your partner. So you can actually get the root cause of the problems! It will be great if you got a chance to talk and discuss with each other without keeping a quick full stop to your marriage. You are not so late to start it up again!! And do not keep the blame on one side, because this is a business of two people. Can you fix a broken marriage, both of you will need to make your marriage a priority even above taking care of your children.

There may be thousands of reasons that you do not want to be back to your partner. But be human and think of your marriage only. You can expect the sun, the moon and the stars, but can you suffer throughout your life time without your partner and the love and affection and protection that you expected to have throughout your life time? No it’s not possible. Be in touch with can you fix a broken marriage.

Just go to marriage counseling but do not let them to worsen the situation. Only you two have the responsibility to make decisions in your marriage. Adjust the advises given according to your problems because all the counseling does not go parallel with fixing a broken marriage. It is true you want to get quick measures to fix your marriage soon. But do not totally depend on these counseling things. Be unique to yourself and try to solve every single matter within your boundary.  Can you fix a broken marriage now? Yes of course. It is up to you, what could be more reassuring and more meaningful in a marriage? It is really what you want from your marriage and your partner. That’s the thing which allow you survive under all circumstances.